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Russian Metal-Expo'2013, 19th International Industrial Exhibition
Pub Date:2009.10.26 News Source:Gansu HaoShi Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.(HSCF)===Producing graphite felt,rigid graphite board and CFC Using in Vacuum Furnace, polysilicon ingot furnace, Monocrystalline Silicon Furnace, inert atmosphere furnaces, crystal growth furnace Number Of Visits:
Dear Partners,
We will take part in Russian Metal-Expo'2013, 19th International Industrial Exhibition in Moscow. November 12-15,2013.
Metal-Expo'2013, 19th International Industrial Exhibition will be held on November 12-15 at The All-Russia Exhibition Center fairgrounds, Moscow.
We invite you visit ours Booth.
Booth No: 75.3 (All-Russia Exhibition Center fairgrounds), Moscow. Russian
Good day.

Best Regards,
Andrew Yan

HaoShi Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd (HSCF)

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HSCF supplied to the following industries for various applications


Vacuum and High Pressure Sintering Industry:

Hard Metal Sintering, Non Oxide Ceramics, Tungsten Carbide manufacturing

Vacuum Treatment Industry:

Commercial Heat Treat Furnaces, Hardening, Tempering, etc.

Crystal Growing Industry:

Silicon, SiC, Indium Phosphide, Gallium Arsenide, Sapphire, Optical Crystals, Solar Ingots

Special Castings Industry:

precision casting of DS/SC turbine engine components and Metal Matrix Composites

Graphitising/CVD Applications:

High Modulus Carbon Fiber Production, Halogen Purification Furnaces

Electronic/Semiconductor Industry:

Materials for various precursor applications

Aerospace Industry:

System accredited to BS EN ISO 9002

Fuel cell:     PAN-graphite felt electrode in the vanadium redox flow battery





Contact Us:  HaoShi Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. Gansu (HSCF)


Mr. XiangGuo Hao        (vice-president)

Mr. Andrew Yan     (Marketing and Sales Director)

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HSCF Sales Agent & Service in Germany: 


HENSCHKE GmbH Internationale Industrievertretungen

Halevistrasse  27-29, 90768 FUERTH  DAMBACH, Germany

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HSCF Sales Agent & Service in India: 


                                                            Nickunj Eximp Entp P Ltd

Sri Joravar Bhavan, 93 M. Karve Road, Marine Lines, Mumbai - 400020, India.
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HSCF Sales Agent & Service in Brasil: 


Stella & Viegas Muniz Rep. Com. Ltda.

Rua Monte Alegre, 663 - cj. 53 São Paulo - SP  - Brasil, zip code  05014-000

Phone:55 11 3926 4655